Principal Minister Harkover Lee

Npc harkover lee

Perhaps the most powerful mage in Risur, Lee acts as King Aodhan’s bodyguard and chief of staff. Straight-backed and virile despite being in his 60s, Lee has a slight Ber-tinged accent, and was said to be quite the ladykiller in his youth. He always dresses in reds and golds and carries a solid gold wizard’s orb tucked into his robes. He never eats or drinks in public.

Update Early Spring, 500 A.O.V.

After FT3 heroically overcame the saboteurs during the attempted regicide of King Aodhan, as backed by Duchess Ethelyn Shale, they were treated for wounds then immediately interviewed by Principal Minister Harkover Lee. While the Principal Minister was appreciative of FT3s success, the questioning was as formal and businesslike as the Principle Minister himself. FT3’s opinion of the Principal Minister is that he is a serious man and takes his responsibility to the King just as seriously.

Principal Minister Harkover Lee

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