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1.1 Dramatis Personae – Non Player Characters
1.2 Major Faiths of Lanjyr
1.3 Major Philosophies of Lanjyr

1.1 Dramatis Personae

Because of the large number of NPCs the party will meet, each ZEITGEIST adventure will include hand-outs to help you keep track of them. They will also be listed here, including their title or job, faction, and race (if other than human).

1.1.1 Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft
1.1.2 Principal Minister Harkover Lee
1.1.3 Geoff Massarde
1.1.4 Captain Rutger Smith
1.1.5 Duchess Ethelyn of Shale
1.1.6 Flint City Governor Roland Stanfield
1.1.7 King Aodhan
1.1.8 Minister of Outsiders Lya Jierre
1.1.9 Hana, aka Gale
1.1.10 Thames Grimsley
1.1.11 Lorcan Kell

1.2 Major Faiths of Lanjyr

1.2.1 The Clergy
1.2.2 Guerro
1.2.3 The Old Faith
1.2.4 Seedism

1.3 Dominant Philosophies of Lanjyr

1.3.1 Heid Eschatol
1.3.2 Panoply
1.3.3 Pragati
1.3.4 Vekesh

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