King Aodhan

Npc aodhan

Now in his 70s, the current king of Risur looks rather unassuming, and was a common warrior before the previous king chose him as a successor after the Third Yerasol War. He prefers to resolve disputes by being coolheaded and rationally persuading those who will listen to his side. Despite all this, though, he trains regularly to keep his stamina and swordplay robust, and the rites of rulership grant him daunting magical powers.

Update Early Spring, 500 A.O.V.

FT3 had the pleasure and reward of briefly meeting King Aodhan in a personal setting after saving the royal person, various Risur Nobility, and heavily decorated military personnel during the celebration of the R.N.S. Coaltongue. King Aodhan spoke plainly to the members of FT3, almost as if the King briefly reverted to the common soldier that he once was. This glimpse into the man was short lived, as King Aodhan had other pressing matters to attend to.

King Aodhan

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