Geoff Massarde

Npc geoff massarde

A 40-something tiefling with an airy voice and a fondness for wine that outmatches his ability to handle his alcohol, Massarde is one of a handful of Danoran tieflings working for the Risuri military to help construct warships and other weapons. He has few kind words for his homeland.

Massarde is fascinated with ice, and carries a wand which can chill small objects with a touch. Mostly he just uses it as a novelty to cool beverages.

Update Early Spring 500 A.O.V.

The party identified Geoff Massarde at the launch of the R.N.S. Coaltongue, however did not meet him in person. Geoff Massarde is used to people acting belligerently to him here in Risur, so he has two burly bodyguards standing by him at all times.

Geoff Massarde

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