Duchess Ethelyn of Shale

Npc ethelyn

The king’s sister, Duchess Ethelyn was a commoner before earning her title in the Third Yerasol War. She dislikes industry and leads a coalition of powerful individuals with strong ties to the Unseen Court. She wears extravagant diamond cluster earrings— representing the stars of the night sky—to show her allegiance to the old ways. Accounts tell of her possessing many different types of magic, though many of these could be exaggerated.

Updated Early Spring, 500 A.O.V.
Duchess Ethelyn Shale, after her failed attempt at regicide, retreated to her stronghold in Shale. Due to the failure of the assassination attempt on King Aodhan, those that might believe in her message of reversing the industrialization of Risur in favor of maintaining the druidic and shamanistic ways of life, quickly distanced themselves from her methods. Without the required support, the feared civil war did not materialize.

Instead, the Duchess and some forces loyal to her invaded and took over Axis Island in the Yerasol Archipelago. While it is unknown why the Duchess chose Axis Island to invade, it is assumed that she is trying to bait Danor into a 5th Yerasol war with Risur.

Duchess Ethelyn of Shale

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