Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft.


A LOCAL FLINTER IN HIS EARLY 40’s, Delft commands the RHC cells operating in the industrial capitol. Generally good-natured to his subordinates, he has a penchant for grousing about people behind their backs. A much better manager than investigator, Delft has advanced this far in the Constabulary by finding good agents, supporting them on difficult missions, and sharing the accolades from their successes.

Delft chews tobacco, and thinks he looks charming if he grins while sucking on tobacco juices. He walks with a cane because a mimic tore a chunk out of his leg fifteen years ago. He has a habit of poking inanimate objects with the cane before he gets too close to them, and spitting on them when he wants to be extra sure.

Update Early Spring, 500 A.O.V.

Stover Delft has been impressed by and proud of his newly formed cell, FT3. After FT3’s successful handling of hecklers at the launch of the R.N.S. Coaltongue, and especially for stopping the attempted regicide and destruction of the R.N.S. Coaltongue, Stover Delft decided a reward was in order.

FT3 has been allowed to play backup to ST2 (Shale Team 2), a highly decorated RHC cell from the city of Shale, during a mission to retake Axis Island from the forces of Duchess Ethlyn Shale. The goal of the mission is to handle the Duchess and her forces internally, then return the island to the nation of Danor, thereby avoiding the potential for a 5th Yerasol War.

Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft.

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