Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

RHC Agent Training

Coming from many backgrounds, one thing every member of the Royal Homeland Constabulary (RHC) has in common is the rigorous training that must be endured. No individual is enlisted in the RHC without this training, which includes:

  • Academics
    Agent trainees study a broad range of subjects that grounds them in the fundamentals of law, ethics, interviewing and report writing, basic and advanced investigative and intelligence techniques, and interrogation.
  • Case Exercises
    Case exercises are used to test the trainees’ mettle in real-life situations and mirror what they will experience in the field. For example, the students are given an integrated case scenario that starts with a tip and culminates in the arrests of multiple subjects. The investigation plays out on the streets of Hogan’s Alley, the mock town at the Academy that features hired bards playing criminals and Danorian Agents. Trainees also get the chance to present evidence in a moot court.
  • Combat Training
    All RHC agents are expected to defend themselves and the citizens of Risur at any time. RHC agents will frequently be called upon to perform in combat situations, from subduing a drunken vagabond, to enemy agent neutralization, to small unit combat. RHC agents must have the ability to make split-second decisions in life-or-death situations, and support their fellow agents to ensure success of the mission. Training courses are specialized to the trainee in question, as the RHC values the individuality and diversity of it’s agents.
  • Operational Skills
    This concentration includes everything from small unit tactics to surveillance…from physical fitness to tactical mount control. Tactical mount control techniques are provided at our Tactical Emergency Mount Operations Center at the Academy.
  • Mental Assessment
    Before being accepted as an Agent of the RHC, all applicants must successfully complete a battery of mental examinations, both magical and mundane, for the purposes of ensuring loyalty and the utmost devotion to the nation of Risur and her King.
Royal Homeland Constabulary Forms FT3!

The Flint Tribune
Winter, 500 A.O.V.
Wolther C. Kite

Due to the constant need for specialized security, and thanks to the sponsorship of our King Aodhan, the Royal Homeland Constabulary (RHC) has formally created the third Flint RHC Cell, henceforth known as FT3 (Flint Team 3). Consisting of the highest quality personnel, with the best training Risur has to offer, much is expected of this new crack squad of investigators.

RT3’s offices are on the second floor of the RHC Headquarters in the Central District of Flint. RT3 enjoys a dedicated office with all the support needed to keep Flint safe. Their personal office is comfortable, but reflects their training and organization: desks arranged to promote teamwork, functional but comfortable chairs, sustenance to support 24×7 operations, a small room with cots to allow the agents a few hours of rest, a holding room for interrogating criminals, and one wall completely covered with a slate board. This reporter was not privy to the details of what was on that board, but it clearly listed names of key figures, locations, and events, and arrows tracing complex connections.

Future issues of the Flint Tribune will include profiles of the FT3 agents, but rest assured, the people of Flint can be sure that criminals will be brought to justice!

King To Attend Launch Of New Warship

The Flint Tribune
Spring, 500 A.O.V.
Wolther C. Kite

King Aodhan will be attending the launch of the new Risur warship, RNS Coaltongue, next week. The RNS Coaltongue is the first Risuri ship to be powered solely by steam, and is being heralded as a technological marvel. The vessel will be launched from Flint Harbor, and thousands of spectators are expected to attend the gathering in Royal Square.

The Royal Homeland Constabulary will be supporting Flint police, and this reporter has learned that the recently created FT3 cell has the assignment.

We can exclusively reveal that important guests include the Danoran tiefling engineer Geoff Massarde, Captain Rutger Smith of the RNS Impossible, the king’s sister, Duchess Ethelyn of Shale, and Flint’s Principal Minister Harkover Lee. Security is said to be tight, especially considering the King’s own attendance.

Launch of R.N.S. Coaltongue

Early Spring, 500 A.O.V.

FT3 had nothing but success in their first official mission, removing a number of dissatisfied Dockers that were intent on heckling the Risuran nobility, and in particular, Flint City Governor Roland Stanfield. FT3’s success was due, in part, to the assistance from a Docker leader named Thames Grimsley, who arrived at the scene and pointed out the Dockers likely to cause trouble. Thames Grimsley asked that FT3 try to talk the trouble making Dockers into giving up, but at the least, to ensure none were killed during their arrest. Thames Grimsley requested he be allowed to cross the police check point in an effort to help talk the Dockers down, however Gonzo Trex had other ideas. Gonzo was immediately hostile to Thames Grimsley, threatening to murder him right there at the check point. While the threat of murder certainly earned FT3 no friends among the Docker community, and FT3 made no attempt to talk the troublesome Dockers down, every Docker was taken alive and arrested by Flint police. The Dockers themselves had no apparent intention of murder, but they were at the least a representative sample of the general unrest in the blue collar population of Risur.

After handling the Docker unrest, Stover Delft invited FT3 onto the R.N.S. Coaltongue at the request of Principal Minister Harkover Lee, who wanted additional eyes who would report back to Lee on how the nobility would receive the King’s upcoming speech. During the high brow event on board the R.N.S. Coaltongue, FT3 stumbled upon a plot to sabotage the newly launched ship, thereby killing King Aodhan. Even with FT3 initially spread throughout the ship, they overcame the odds and foiled the assassins plans. Thanks to testimony from FT3 as well as subsequent questioning of the assassins, it was made clear that the King’s sister, Duchess Ethelyn Shale, was behind the attack.

FT3 learned that Duchess Ethelyn Shale, dissatisfied with the industrialization of Risur, believed that turning their backs on Risur’s naturalistic ways of life would only bring ruin to Risur. Duchess Ethelyn Shale had no interest in sacrificing Risuran heritage in order to buy peace with Danor, and just because Kind Aodhan used the word “progress” a lot, did not mean that the progress was in Risur’s best interests.

Second Fiddle

Early Spring, 500 A.O.V.

In the days following the events on the R.N.S. Coaltongue, agents of FT3 were minor celebrities, enjoying (or being hounded, depending on the agent’s point of view) interviews and receiving thank you notes and small tokens of appreciation from various people who were potential victims of the Duchesses’ sabotage.

After a couple days of rest, and another 5 days of filing reports and submitting to official questioning, FT3 was called into the office of Assistant Inspector Stover Delft. FT3 learned that with the failed assassination attempt of King Aodhan, Duchess Ethelyn Shale did not receive the backing from the other noble houses she needed to change the course of Risur’s fate internally – and the feared civil war did not materialize. Instead, it would seem that the Duchess plans to draw Danor into declaring war on Risur by invading Axis Island, a Danorian territory in the Yerasol Archipelago.

Lya Jierre, working in conjunction with King Aodhan, believes that the only way to avoid a 5th Yerasol war would be to have Risur herself remove the Duchess and her forces. Her plan requires that the Risur government hand over control of Axis Island to Danor in three days, just before the Danorian council meets and votes on a declaration of war. Lya Jierre also has a personal request, that the RHC ensures the safety and return of her nephew, Nathan Jierre, should he still be alive. Nathan is a young non combatant scholar, who was at the island taking advantage of an observatory on the island. Lya Jierre does not know how Nathan fares, but if he survived the invasion, she wants him returned safely. At this, the Minister took her leave.

Stover Delft is awarding FT3 for the previous week’s success with a minor role in the plan to reverse the damage done by Duchess Ethelyn Shale’s treachery. In short, FT3 is allowed to play a backup role to the primary RHC insertion team, ST2 (Shale Team 2). The RHC is being counted upon to take advantage of a defensive weakness of the island’s fortification, details of which were provided by Lya Jierre. Once ST2 penetrates the island’s defensive wall and opens the fortress sea gates, Risur marines will storm the fortress, capture the Duchess, and return Axis Island to Danor.

Stover Delft would like the RHC cells to keep note of anything they find on the island. While they will not have time to search the island, Stover Delft believes that the Duchess would not have invaded Axis Island without a reason. Delft has a feeling that there is more happening on Axis Island than Lya Jierre was letting on.

Fey Rabbits Run Amok in Flint!

Flint Tribune
Early Spring, 500 A.O.V.
Wolther C. Kite

At the break of dawn this morning, Flint was invaded by a small army of multi colored giant Fey Rabbits running amok throughout our streets! While reports varied on their appearance, one detail was common among all sightings – each Fey Rabbit spawned small enchanted rabbits made of chocolate behind them, who quickly scattered. The chocolate rabbits were enchanted in such a way as to have the speed necessary to avoid capture by adults, however children of all races seemed to have the knack of catching the little enchanted treats.

While the relationship between Risur and the Unseen Court may be strained, the Fey continue to maintain tradition, to the cheer and delight of many Risurian children. If Risur maintains it’s path of industrialization, working towards peace with Danor, it is unclear what the impact will be on our nation’s relationship with the Unseen Court.

Axis Island Invasion

Internal Report
Agent Nun Ya
Royal Homeland Constabulary

Reports indicate that ST2 experienced fatalities due to unknown phenomena during the teams covert insertion into the Danorian mines via the underwater cave. The sole survivor was Agent Burton, who is currently being treated aboard R.N.S. Kevorkian, one of 2 medical ships attached to the fleet.

The backup team, FT3, performed beyond expectations and successfully infiltrated the island fortification. While FT3 has yet to be properly debriefed and details are as of yet unavailable, FT3 did manage to open the sea gate, holding their position under intense pressure and waves of Risuri rebel forces. FT3 had decided to sacrifice their lives in order to succeed in their mission, not realizing that just as they were about to be overwhelmed the R.N.S. Impossible, captained by Rutger Smith, arrived just ahead of the main Risuri fleet and cleared the sea wall of rebels with cannon, gun, bolt, and spell. FT3 is currently receiving treatment from military personnel for what appeared to be non life threatening wounds.

As of now, the Risuri Marines are on schedule. Siege weaponry has been unloaded and assembled. The initial strategy of overwhelming force on the outer wall will be followed, as Rebel forces were caught unaware and unprepared for the Marines rapid advance through the sea wall and into the inner bay.

FT3 is to be commended for their success, bravery, and willingness to sacrifice their lives for their mission. While FT3 was otherwise occupied, many a Marine saluted them as they sailed through the sea gate, knowing very clearly that FT3’s actions saved many of their lives.

Internal Report - addendum

Internal Report – addendum
Agent Nun Ya
Royal Homeland Constabulary

It appears that the R.N.S. Bradley had an unknown stowaway who made him or herself known just as the first siege tower was being moved toward the inner fort wall. The creature was unable to be identified as it was wreathed in fire, however reports indicate it was human shape and size, and carried either a flaming whip or sword depending on various accounts. Colonel Klinck, an experienced Druid from the 3rd Battalion, was attempting to bring the creature under control when a living shield in the shape of a lion mangled the Colonel, disrupting the Druids’s powerful spell. The unknown assailant then leapt to the top of the closest siege engine, and from there to the inner wall of the fort. The lion shield subsequently returned to it’s master.

It is to be noted that the unknown assailant only attacked those who attempted to bar it’s path to the inner fort, and upon reaching the inner wall, swept through the rebel defenses as if they were not there. It is unknown who or what the unknown assailant was after, however it was clear that it had a mission that brooked no interference from either side of the conflict.

Axis Island - Mission Success

Internal Report
Agent Nun Ya
Royal Homeland Constabulary

A potential fifth Yerasol war has been averted, thanks to the Risuri Marines and RHC’s FT3. While final casualty reports are pending from the Risuri Marines, FT3 lost a team member during efforts to secure Duchess Shale. Apparently the deceased gnome’s corpse, known as Buck, experienced traumatic damage that resulted in significant bloating, as the sack (yes, sack) they carried him in was unusually large for a gnome.

The Unseen Court had sent an ambassador to ensure that it was clear they had no part in the treasonous actions of Duchess Shale. In typical Fey logic, this meant that the ambassador was the famous (and to some, infamous) Asrabey Varal, who achieved his mission of slaying the Duchess. This agent will not speculate on the intended Fey message, or how the message was received.

Upon the successful liberation of Axis Island, the Risuri Marines quickly departed from the Danor island. Captain Rutger Smith, R.N.S. Impossible, stayed behind to provide FT3 time to sign the official paperwork that removed any potential claim Risur had over Axis Island, officially ceding ownership to Danor. It was noted that, while this agent was not able to hear the details of the exchange, the Danorian Minister of Outsiders was displeased about something FT3 told her. Perhaps the exchange was regarding the missing Tiefling, Nathan Jierre. No futher information is available at this time.

Flint Tribune, Spring 500 A.O.V.
Flint Tribune

King Aodhan recently attended the launch of the new Risuri warship, R.N.S Coaltongue. The ship was launched from Flint Harbor, and is the first Risuri vessel powered solely by steam engine, not sail. It is hoped that the Coaltongue will act as a deterrent against future aggression from the nation of Danor, particularly in regards to Risur’s ongoing dispute over the islands of the Yerasol Archipelago.
During the maiden voyage, a number of saboteurs sprang a foul plot to destroy the ship. The Royal Homeland Constabulary, which was providing security for the event, managed to prevent the catastrophe and capture the saboteurs, who are currently being held in custody. RHC Inspector Stover Delft has been quoted as saying "Though we did not anticipate trouble, the RHC is always ready to perform our duty.”
It is rumored that the same intrepid squad of RHC Constables who thwarted the sabotage plot were also involved in a related incident on Axis Island. Authorities have had no comment regarding events on Axis Island; however unnamed sources confirm that the King’s Marines removed Duchess Shale and her rebel forces from Axis Island with inside support from the RHC.

Organized crime, in the form of the Family criminal organization based in Crysillyir, is on the rise. Undercover reports indicate that the Family sees the growth of Flint as an opportunity to expand into a new market, and for the past year has been competing with various local gangs.
The intense rivalry is escalating between the Family and local Flint gangs, resulting in bloodshed and violence erupting on the streets of Flint.
The Ragman has grown more active, and is believed responsible for four deaths over the course of two weeks. Flint police investigate, and an impoverished Yerasol Veteran claims he saw the same pattern of wounds on fellow soldiers in the last war.

Citizens are warned to avoid the western bayous around the Battalion school in Pine Island. The martial university has imported exotic wild beasts from a Risuri colony in Elfaivar, and will be conducting exercises in beast tracking and monster slaying.

Wealthy industrialist and renowned son of Flint Guy Goodson is getting married to a Crisillyiri noblewoman: Faith Unitas. The ceremony will be closed to the public, but reporters are eagerly sharing every detail of the arrangements. The intense interest has journalists excited about all the papers they’ll sell when King Aodhan marries next year.

For the past few months, small tremors have shaken the city of Flint, which has no history of earthquakes. Docker poets portray this as a manifested metaphor of the rifts opening up between the different political factions of Flint.

It is reported that pre-eminent Skyseer, Nevard Sechim, is nearing the end of his long life. Nevard’s closest family and followers have brought him to the henge in the Cloudwood, where he asked to spend his final days maintaining a skyward vigil. Skyseers are said to be consulting with him for advice on keeping the ancient order alive and relevant in our industrial revolution.

Randall Pell, a renowned composer from Slate, will be conducting the Navras Opera House and plans to hold auditions for performers. Capable entertainers should present themselves to Mr. Pell at the Opera House for interviews.

The criminal known as “Gale” – so dubbed due to her singular ability to fly away from the scenes of her crimes, despite most scholars claiming that such flight is impossible – has sabotaged another factory in Flint. In the past month, she has been responsible for various acts of industrial sabotage, and for unmooring ships which drift into Flint Harbor and sink. She has won the sympathies of those who view industry as DanorIan meddling, but many common workers see her as a threat to their livelihood. The government has labelled her a foreign provocateur with ties to the Vakeshi Mystics. She is also blamed for thefts from the homes of wealthy factory owners, for the killings of a company of surveyors who wandered in the Cloudwood to site a potential railroad, and for a botched assassination attempt against Kane Westman, a tax collector with strong political friends.

A rash of eighteen small fires around Parity Lake is believed to be arson. So far the burns have killed over fourty, but fire responders have managed to keep them from spreading. The fires seem to target properties of factory owners, even the occasional factory outbuilding, and so are believed to be the work of Gale.

The recent rash of high profile thefts was brought to closure recently, thanks to the work of Flint Police and RHC cell FT3. The perpetrator was reported to have been a member of a local crime family based out of Parity Lake. Details on the arrest are unclear, however the thief was utterly destroyed, losing his life for his crimes. Regrettably, the thief perished before he was able to give evidence as to his criminal contacts.


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