Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

Nevard's Visions

After combat, Nevard shares the full extent of his vision…

“I saw a dark figure, standing atop Cauldron Hill, towering over our city.
The sun set, and he cast a shadow across Parity Lake, stretching northwest,
into the sea, beyond the horizon. He is born in our city, but his ultimate
goal is elsewhere. And also things moved in his shadow—indeed, his
shadow moved before he did, for while he was mighty, he was controlled
by others.

“I saw smoke hiding his face, for he was made mighty by industry._
In my vision, a king chased him out to sea and defeated him by slicing
him free from his shadow. But the cauldron had already shattered, and
many thousands were drowned and devoured in its roil.

“I saw three birds alight on the peak, the first of black silk, the second
of black steel, both weeping blood. But the third was made of stars, and
it sang many songs.

“I tell you this: Cauldron Hill is not safe. Twice will danger arise, and
twice will we be deceived into thinking it is safe to return, but we must
avoid the place and avoid being tricked. I have arranged shelter in the
Cloudwood, where people can be safe until the darkness passes.”

Nevard also saw other visions, but is less certain what these mean, so he did not plan to tell them in public.

“A woman sat on a leather couch in a waiting room, surrounded by
red curtains. She held a gold coin and rolled it across the back of her
fingers. A pick lay against the side of the couch. He asked her what she
was waiting for, and she answered in a language he didn’t know, saying,
‘The place I’m going isn’t here yet.’

“A trumpeter carried a lantern onto the stage of a darkened theater,
and the people gathered for his performance applauded, then lit
lanterns of their own. The theater never got bright enough for him to
see their faces.

“One man tore himself in two, and his twin selves fought over a woman,
tearing her into three, who ran away. Mice skittered around them, collecting
cheese fallen amid the rails of a trainyard. Then a train roared down the
track past him, but it had no one driving it. In the distance it derailed, and
crushed two of the women, but which of the three survived?

“A man carrying a bronze staff with three keyholes is assailed by
swords and arrows and fire, but nothing kills him. He began to take off
his robes, revealing tiger fur beneath them, while stars fell from the sky
all around him. Then the sky was dark, and when the sun should have
risen, instead a pale glowing cloud floated in the dark.

“Finally, tyrant and murderer languished in prison, hanging from
twelve chains and hooks that pierced her feet, her legs, her thighs, her
shoulders, her arms, and her hands. But the thirteenth hook that sealed
her mouth swung loose, and it fluttered in the breeze as she whispered
a map that led everywhere.”

FT3 Report - Session 6.

NOTE: Anyone is welcome to edit for clarity or simply to provide missing information. I took some liberties on some of these items, noting my opinion of some character responses. If I have it wrong, just edit as you see fit.

1. Party intercepted Wand Smugglers, recovered contraband, turned over ship, smuggler captain, confiscated wands, gold, and bank backed notes that were to be used in payment for the wands.

2. Party met with Gale, where some in the group might now be conflicted as to their loyalties regarding their actions and what is really best for Risur. Gale confirmed her relationship with Nilasa Hume, and admitted that Nilasa was after paperwork proving the Danorian involvement in a conspiracy that threatened the entirety of Risur. Gale saw evidence of this conspiracy in the Bleak Gate, where something is being manufactured – something of great scale. Gale has no ability to return to the Bleak Gate, and would very much like the party to obtain the proof that Nilasa obtained and was apparently murdered for. Gale provided a ritual for tracking bleak gate energies and the Messenger Wind used for communicating. FT3 did not fully report their conversation with Gale, nor did they report the Messenger Wind item. In addition – there was a conversation between Gale and Strontium regarding the wishes of the Unseen Court.

3. Party walked into a setup arranged by Lorcan Kell, who turned over information for the doctor after putting the party in a bad position and forcing them to capitulate to a 1000 gold bribe. Gonzo lost his sword, and is none too happy about it. The party was also forced to stand and watch a docker citizen get robbed, beaten, and murdered. Calliope can be none too happy about her helplessness while watching this.

4. The party met Morgan Cippiano – who was charmed by – and perhaps charmed – Miss Calliope. A bargain was struck to exchange information from Morgan on the dragonborn arsonists in return for the release of a “cousin” of his – the smuggler captain arrested on the docks by FT3.

5. Using directions from Lorcan Kell, FT3 located the doctor in an abandoned temple dug into the side of Cauldron Hill – which was secured by Lorcan’s goons until the party paid for his release. Lorcan failed to mention that he also sold the information of the Doctor’s location to a third party, who ambushed the party and the doctor in an effort to abscond with the doctor and the stolen Danorian paperwork. The party managed to force the ambushers into a retreat, but refused to turn over the paperwork after they were trapped inside the abandoned temple. The unknown group of conspirators led by a Leone Quital – who apparently has telekenitic control over metal – set off explosives outside the temple, trapping the party in what was presumably to be their permanent grave. Luckily, the temple was not completely destroyed, and eventually the party managed to find a secret exit. As they managed to worm their way out of the secret refuse filled exit, they found that Gale was about and was working to secure a team to dig the party out. Whether her actions to rescue the party were out of true concern for FT3s well being, or she was simply looking to secure an asset, is unknown. The party also discovered the body of Xenophon Galsunda, manager of the Navras Opera House. Xeno and Calliope had been close friends and collaborators for several years – her anguish at losing her mentor was obvious to all.

FT3 Report - Session 5

FT3 begins this report with a sense of victory, for great challenges were overcome and breaks in the surprisingly wide ranging case of Nilasa Hume’s murder are beginning to appear.

First, we successfully protected the old skyseer Nevard from an attack of Cauldron Hill spirits prompted by a shadowy figure apparently intent on our demise. It was a narrow battle, where more than one party member was nearly killed during the encounter. Due to the strength of our arms, and the wits behind our tactics, we were victorious. Further investigation into the shadowy figure that prompted the attack is warranted.

While potentially deadly, the encounter atop Cauldron Hill was necessary in order to secure a meeting with the terrorist Gale. Nevard has kept his bargain, and mediated our planned meeting with Gale 3 days hence. We believe Nilasa Hume had a relationship with the terrorist Gale, based upon the below evidence. We expect Gale will take precautions to avoid her capture, however we will bring the terrorist to justice if possible.

  1. A potential link between the victim’s 40 foot flight out the consulate window and Gale’s reported ability to fly.
  2. The victim’s adopted father confirmed that Nilasa spoke with the old skyseer Nevard regarding her desire to meet with Gale.
  3. Nevard confirmed that he introduced Gale and Nilasa Hume.

After a mix up at Mayor MacBannin’s estate regarding proper authority for our foray to the top of Cauldron Hill, we rushed to Heward’s factory based upon a fiery vision Nevard reportedly received while atop the Hill. Arriving on the scene, we interrupted 4 Humans and their 2 Dragonborn leaders in an attempted arson. Dispatching the humans, and still not fully recovered from our foray on Cauldron Hill, we were overcome by the remaining Dragonborn. Thanks to the quick thinking of factory guards, and the newest member of FT3 making a well reasoned retreat, 3 members of FT3 were saved from exsanguination. We have made note of the Dragonborn that escaped us, and are prepared to meet with RHC sketch artists for posting bounties. It is believed that the Dragonborn are behind the rash of fires in various factories and steel mills around Parity Lake over the last year. Their motives remain unclear.

After a much needed rest, FT3 had to move quickly. From the captured gnomish alchemist, we learned the smugglers expected departure time and location, and departed on the Death Minnow to intercept them. After a brief struggle, where the newest member of FT3 fell unconscious yet AGAIN, we secured the site and smuggler ship. We intend to pose as the buyers, and move to meet the Crissilyr vessel bringing in the contraband.

The surviving buyer of the expected contraband, named Deorne Feldman, was turned over to dock police, and is to charged with assault on RHC agents with deadly intent, conspiracy, smuggling illegal weaponry, tax evasion, and resisting arrest.

As of this dispatch, we are setting sail on the captured ship Sylvo to intercept the smugglers. We carry with us 50,000 gold coins and 100,000 gold in bank securities from an independent banking family in the Malice Lands.

FT3 Report - Session 5


FT3 Report - Session 4

• Goodson’s Estuarial Reformatory (Upper Flint Bay)
o interviewed Ford Sorghume
 Nila was working with someone known as The House Elf
 They were assisting “the Family”, an organized crime syndicate from Crisillyir, to smuggle 10,000+ gp worth of contraband magic wands into Flint
 The deal was scheduled go down on the night of the 4th of Summer somewhere in the Bay.
o Interviewed Travis Starter
 Corroborated Ford’s story
o FT3 arranged for the release of Ford and Travis in return for their assistance in helping us investigate the death of Nilasa.
o Ford and Travis agreed to be Confidential Informants for FT3 and provide us with information about criminal activities in Parity Lake.
 FT3 needs to register them as CI’s with RHC at some future date.
• The Road to the Henge (the Cloudwood)
o Intervened in an altercation between the woodsmen brigands and Lorcan Kell’s thugs
 The leader of the woodsmen brigands was named Renald (druid).
 Lorcan Kell’s men had kidnapped Renald’s wife in an attempt to extort a share of his “tax” on road traffic.
 In return for our assistance Renald pointed us toward the Henge where Nevard Sechim could be found.
• The Henge ( the Cloudwood)
o Interviewed Nevard Sechim
 Nevard reported that he last spoke with Nilasa 2 weeks ago.
 Nevard arranged for Nilasa to meet with Gale, a notorious fey sympathizer and terrorist
 Nevard was not present at the meeting.
 Nevard did not tell Nilasa about the prophesy.
 Nevard agreed to set up a meeting between FT3 and Gale in return for a favor
• He asked that FT3 petition the Mayor of the Nettles, Reed McBannon, to allow him to journey to the summit of Cauldron Hill
• Nevard explained that he wished to have one last unobstructed view of the night sky before he dies, and Cauldron Hill is the only vantage point that is above the smog layer of Flint.
• Nevard’s age makes him very frail and thus physically unable to make the journey to the summit of Caudron Hill without the aid of a special ritual
o The ritual is an old and dark magic crafted by the witches that used to make their home on the hill.
o The ritual will link the health of FT3 with that of Nevard and allow him to draw upon our vitality for the journey.
• Cauldron Hill (the Nettles)
o Requested and received an audience with Reed McBannon, the mayor of the Nettles
 The mayor was receptive to the Skyseer’s request with in certain conditions
 He will provide us with the following protections
• rusted iron amulets to protect against spirit voices
• 4 kegs of goat blood to ring our camp
• avoid open visible flames
• Have to stop at the manor the following morning for a purification ritual
o Also met a courier named Reed at the Mayor’s manor. He was admiring the chaos of the Nettles.
• House Elf’s Shoppe (Pine Island)
o Attempted to question House Elf about his association with Nilasa.
o The House Elf and his Wife, Danisca fled
o Gonzo & Calliope gave chase.
o The House Elf was slain while resisting arrest
o Confiscated items were handed over to the RHC
o Danisca was taken into custody and transported back to RHC HQ for further questioning.
 Danisca and her husband were helping Nilasa smuggle illegal wands into Flint
 Smuggled items coming into Flint on Crisillyiran ship Ligrafioni
 The exchange is supposed to happen at the rocky outcrop in The Ayres on the 4th at 7PM
 She confirmed that “the Family” is involved
 Nilasa was to be on a ship named the Sylvo.
• Captained by the smuggler named Deorn Feldman
 Gale was to receive some of the wands
 Nilasa was also doing additional work for Gale, but Danisca didn’t know what it was.
• Rooms above a Butcher Shoppe (Central District)
o Interviewed Professor Lynn Kindleton
 Received a letter from Recklenhousen stating that he was being chased and requested 100gp be left in envelope at the university for him
 She left the money as requested and it was picked up this morning.
 She reported receiving a visit from a man who identified himself as Officer Porter.

FT3 Report - Session 3

Denorian Consulate (North Shore)
o Alfred Belastair
 Flint Police first on scene
o Julian Le’brix
 Chief of consulate security, former military (maybe 3rd yerasol war vet)
 claimed to have shot the deceased in the leg then shoulder before she jumped
through the window
o Nilasa Hume
 dating security guard Braden
 accused of stealing gold, silverware, ornamental egg
 worked and lived at Heward Sechem’s Alkahest and Etchings factory
 shot from behind

  • once in shoulder
  • once in leg
     Had two puncture wounds to the abdomen (from iron fence)
     Had healed scalp wound (necrotic & healing magic detected)
     Brought food to consulate on regular basis and was friendly and well liked
  • On day of her death she brought Brigandeero Chocolates laced with a
    euphoric drug (possibly Fey Pepper)
  • Chocolates had Thinking Man’s Tavern (Bosum Strand) seal on them
     Found bail certificate in her pocket
  • Obtained criminal file from Parity Lake Police Station (Parity Lake)
  • Two accomplices were named in the police report were remanded to
    Goodson’s Estuarial

Reformatory (Upper Flint Bay)
 Ford Sorghume
 Travis Starter
o Braden
 Boyfriend of the deceased
 dated Nilasa for 5 weeks
 Met Nilasa at Thinking Man’s Tavern
o Tia Jedaux
 secretary at consulate
 Handles visas and passports
 Was working on a visa to Ber for a Dr. Wolfgang von Recklinghousen at the time of the death
 Wolfgang left after the death
 Got copy of his visa application
 Address: House of Bluebirds (youth hostel)
 Reference 1: Professor Kindleton (Central District)
 Reference 2: Dr. Camp (North Shore)
o Auntie Popo
 Maid on way to work
 Eye Witness to death of Nilasa
• Heard deceased crash through window followed by two gun shots
• Saw deceased fly 40 feet and fall onto iron spike fence
o John Johanson
 Young messenger (yearly 20s)
 Did not witness deceased fall
 Stated that Nilasa was still alive after being impailed
 Witnessed man fitting the description of Wolfgang von Recklenhousen approach Nilassa.
• She whispered to the subject and handed him some papers before passing out (possibly dead)
• He then removed a necklace from her neck and fled the scene.
 Johanson reported that Nilasa also had a slash wound to her head and a bloodied face
• FT3 did not see the reported wound.
• Wound may have been healed post mortem

House of Bluebirds Youth Hostel (North Shore)
o Interviewed Hostel proprietor
 She reported that Dr WvR came to the Hostel shortly after the incident at the Consulate covered in blood.
• Dr WvR claimed that he needed his surgical kit for an emergency procedure and went up to his room.
• He left again, but she did not see him leave.
 Not long after Dr WvR left a man impersonating a Flint police officer arrived at the hostel.
• He claiomed his name was Officer Porter of the Flint Police
• He paid her 200gp for access to Dr WvR’s room
• He searched the room and then left
 20 minutes later FT3 arrived on the scene
• FT3 observed that the Dr WvR’s room had been ransacked
• Most of Dr WvR’s personal effects were not present in the room. Presumably they were taken by the doctor when he fled.

Dr Camp’s Surgical Center (North Shore)
o Interviewed Dr Camp
 Learned that Dr WvR practiced medicine at this location
 Dr WvR was a trained surgeon with magical skillz
 Dr Camp also hypothesized that the hallucinogen in the chocolates may have been Fey Pepper.

Heward Sechem’s Alkahest and Etchings Factory (Parity Lake)
o Interviewed Heward Sechem
 Factory owner, and “adoptive father” of Nilasa
 Saw Nilasa earlier that morning
 Heward’s uncle is the venerable sky seer, Nevard Sechem
• Nevard warned him that Nilasa would die
o “An adopted daughter will blindly ride the wind to her demise”
• Uncle Nevard lives in The CloudWood
 Heward stated that Nilasa recieved a necklace with a canary motif 2-3 weeks ago.
 The two accomplices from the Nilasa’s police report were childhood friends
 Heward reported that three men have approached him multiple times about selling his factory. They all smelt like burnt grease.
• Heward had them followed to The Nettles.
o Possible connection to Lorchan Kell, crime boss.
 Heward Sechim felt somewhat responsible for getting Nilasa riled up about the treatment of workers in Flint.
• Heward admitted to speaking his mind perhaps a bit much to a young girl who might have wanted to take action – “you know how young people are”, he said
• He knows that Nilasa wanted to do something, and Nilasa knew that Nevard might know how to contact Gale, and it is possible that Nilasa reached out to Nevard for introductions.
• Heward said we might want to talk with Nevard. He provided directions to the henge in the Cloudwood where a number of Nevard Sechim’s followers took him to live out his remaining days.

Internal Report - Nilasa Hume
Nilasa Hume

Internal Report
Agent Nun Ya
Royal Homeland Constabulary

FT3, having most recently been providing support to the primary team working on the “Gale” case, was assigned the lead on a potential murder case with possible links to Gale. Nilasa Hume, a local factory worker with a history of criminal activity, died today in unclear circumstances at the Danorian Consulate. The deceased apparently leapt from a 4th floor window of the Danorian Consulate building in order to escape from security forces after stealing a number of precious metals and art, which in and of itself wasn’t peculiar. What provides the potential link to Gale was that the woman reportedly “flew” 40 feet beyond the building where she was impaled on the Consulate fence.

FT3 has been following up on leads after investigating the scene. The body of the deceased is currently with Parity Lake police pending an autopsy at the request of FT3.

Internal Report - High Profile Thefts

Internal Report
Agent Nun Ya
Royal Homeland Constabulary

FT3 was successful in the recovery of the goods stolen from various VIPs over the last few weeks, however they reported that the thief, a Pixie in the employ of reputed crime boss Lorcan Kell, was killed during the operation. This reporter did not have eyes on the encounter, as I lost track of FT3 in the Cloudwood, however apparently the damage done to the thief was such that the body was destroyed.

Something is a little odd about their reports on the subject, and while this agent did track certain agents to the waterfront where travel plans were made for unknown parties, this agent was unable to deduce the details. The ship captain apparently has a close relationship with Agent Calliope, and was unwilling to discuss the matter.

Every reported stolen item was recovered, so this agent does not suggest further inquiry into the matter.

Case closed.

Flint Tribune, Spring 500 A.O.V.
Flint Tribune

King Aodhan recently attended the launch of the new Risuri warship, R.N.S Coaltongue. The ship was launched from Flint Harbor, and is the first Risuri vessel powered solely by steam engine, not sail. It is hoped that the Coaltongue will act as a deterrent against future aggression from the nation of Danor, particularly in regards to Risur’s ongoing dispute over the islands of the Yerasol Archipelago.
During the maiden voyage, a number of saboteurs sprang a foul plot to destroy the ship. The Royal Homeland Constabulary, which was providing security for the event, managed to prevent the catastrophe and capture the saboteurs, who are currently being held in custody. RHC Inspector Stover Delft has been quoted as saying "Though we did not anticipate trouble, the RHC is always ready to perform our duty.”
It is rumored that the same intrepid squad of RHC Constables who thwarted the sabotage plot were also involved in a related incident on Axis Island. Authorities have had no comment regarding events on Axis Island; however unnamed sources confirm that the King’s Marines removed Duchess Shale and her rebel forces from Axis Island with inside support from the RHC.

Organized crime, in the form of the Family criminal organization based in Crysillyir, is on the rise. Undercover reports indicate that the Family sees the growth of Flint as an opportunity to expand into a new market, and for the past year has been competing with various local gangs.
The intense rivalry is escalating between the Family and local Flint gangs, resulting in bloodshed and violence erupting on the streets of Flint.
The Ragman has grown more active, and is believed responsible for four deaths over the course of two weeks. Flint police investigate, and an impoverished Yerasol Veteran claims he saw the same pattern of wounds on fellow soldiers in the last war.

Citizens are warned to avoid the western bayous around the Battalion school in Pine Island. The martial university has imported exotic wild beasts from a Risuri colony in Elfaivar, and will be conducting exercises in beast tracking and monster slaying.

Wealthy industrialist and renowned son of Flint Guy Goodson is getting married to a Crisillyiri noblewoman: Faith Unitas. The ceremony will be closed to the public, but reporters are eagerly sharing every detail of the arrangements. The intense interest has journalists excited about all the papers they’ll sell when King Aodhan marries next year.

For the past few months, small tremors have shaken the city of Flint, which has no history of earthquakes. Docker poets portray this as a manifested metaphor of the rifts opening up between the different political factions of Flint.

It is reported that pre-eminent Skyseer, Nevard Sechim, is nearing the end of his long life. Nevard’s closest family and followers have brought him to the henge in the Cloudwood, where he asked to spend his final days maintaining a skyward vigil. Skyseers are said to be consulting with him for advice on keeping the ancient order alive and relevant in our industrial revolution.

Randall Pell, a renowned composer from Slate, will be conducting the Navras Opera House and plans to hold auditions for performers. Capable entertainers should present themselves to Mr. Pell at the Opera House for interviews.

The criminal known as “Gale” – so dubbed due to her singular ability to fly away from the scenes of her crimes, despite most scholars claiming that such flight is impossible – has sabotaged another factory in Flint. In the past month, she has been responsible for various acts of industrial sabotage, and for unmooring ships which drift into Flint Harbor and sink. She has won the sympathies of those who view industry as DanorIan meddling, but many common workers see her as a threat to their livelihood. The government has labelled her a foreign provocateur with ties to the Vakeshi Mystics. She is also blamed for thefts from the homes of wealthy factory owners, for the killings of a company of surveyors who wandered in the Cloudwood to site a potential railroad, and for a botched assassination attempt against Kane Westman, a tax collector with strong political friends.

A rash of eighteen small fires around Parity Lake is believed to be arson. So far the burns have killed over fourty, but fire responders have managed to keep them from spreading. The fires seem to target properties of factory owners, even the occasional factory outbuilding, and so are believed to be the work of Gale.

The recent rash of high profile thefts was brought to closure recently, thanks to the work of Flint Police and RHC cell FT3. The perpetrator was reported to have been a member of a local crime family based out of Parity Lake. Details on the arrest are unclear, however the thief was utterly destroyed, losing his life for his crimes. Regrettably, the thief perished before he was able to give evidence as to his criminal contacts.

Axis Island - Mission Success

Internal Report
Agent Nun Ya
Royal Homeland Constabulary

A potential fifth Yerasol war has been averted, thanks to the Risuri Marines and RHC’s FT3. While final casualty reports are pending from the Risuri Marines, FT3 lost a team member during efforts to secure Duchess Shale. Apparently the deceased gnome’s corpse, known as Buck, experienced traumatic damage that resulted in significant bloating, as the sack (yes, sack) they carried him in was unusually large for a gnome.

The Unseen Court had sent an ambassador to ensure that it was clear they had no part in the treasonous actions of Duchess Shale. In typical Fey logic, this meant that the ambassador was the famous (and to some, infamous) Asrabey Varal, who achieved his mission of slaying the Duchess. This agent will not speculate on the intended Fey message, or how the message was received.

Upon the successful liberation of Axis Island, the Risuri Marines quickly departed from the Danor island. Captain Rutger Smith, R.N.S. Impossible, stayed behind to provide FT3 time to sign the official paperwork that removed any potential claim Risur had over Axis Island, officially ceding ownership to Danor. It was noted that, while this agent was not able to hear the details of the exchange, the Danorian Minister of Outsiders was displeased about something FT3 told her. Perhaps the exchange was regarding the missing Tiefling, Nathan Jierre. No futher information is available at this time.


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