Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

RHC Agent Training

Coming from many backgrounds, one thing every member of the Royal Homeland Constabulary (RHC) has in common is the rigorous training that must be endured. No individual is enlisted in the RHC without this training, which includes:

  • Academics
    Agent trainees study a broad range of subjects that grounds them in the fundamentals of law, ethics, interviewing and report writing, basic and advanced investigative and intelligence techniques, and interrogation.
  • Case Exercises
    Case exercises are used to test the trainees’ mettle in real-life situations and mirror what they will experience in the field. For example, the students are given an integrated case scenario that starts with a tip and culminates in the arrests of multiple subjects. The investigation plays out on the streets of Hogan’s Alley, the mock town at the Academy that features hired bards playing criminals and Danorian Agents. Trainees also get the chance to present evidence in a moot court.
  • Combat Training
    All RHC agents are expected to defend themselves and the citizens of Risur at any time. RHC agents will frequently be called upon to perform in combat situations, from subduing a drunken vagabond, to enemy agent neutralization, to small unit combat. RHC agents must have the ability to make split-second decisions in life-or-death situations, and support their fellow agents to ensure success of the mission. Training courses are specialized to the trainee in question, as the RHC values the individuality and diversity of it’s agents.
  • Operational Skills
    This concentration includes everything from small unit tactics to surveillance…from physical fitness to tactical mount control. Tactical mount control techniques are provided at our Tactical Emergency Mount Operations Center at the Academy.
  • Mental Assessment
    Before being accepted as an Agent of the RHC, all applicants must successfully complete a battery of mental examinations, both magical and mundane, for the purposes of ensuring loyalty and the utmost devotion to the nation of Risur and her King.


Are we presumed to have gone through this training? Is there a circumstance by which someone without this training can be an agent? If not, how long is training and how young can recruits be?

RHC Agent Training

The RHC has a rigid training program. Since the training program wasn’t explicitly called out, I went to the FBI web site and copied theirs, with a couple modifications. The modifications I made were either things specifically called out in the Zeitgeist material (like the fact that everyone must be initially loyal to Risur, identified via rigorous magical and mundane testing), or things I had to change for obvious reasons (like replacing vehicle training with mount training). It was just a fun thing I thought of doing.

I was thinking the training would be 6 months. After 6 months I was guessing that new recruits would be linked up to a more experienced cell. After a month or so with the experienced cell, a new cell is formed. All the players are new recruits that just recently completed their month long time period with the more experienced cell(s), and were put together to form a new RHC cell. You all have been together for a couple weeks, kept busy doing paperwork, minor surveillance missions, and getting to know one another. This is part of the kickoff we’ll do on 4/1.

Trainees must be considered an adult for their race, which depends on the race. Children, while useful, are not accepted as RHC members. The RHC certainly might use Children as informants, but that would be the extent of it.

RHC Agent Training

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