Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

Internal Report - Nilasa Hume

Nilasa Hume

Internal Report
Agent Nun Ya
Royal Homeland Constabulary

FT3, having most recently been providing support to the primary team working on the “Gale” case, was assigned the lead on a potential murder case with possible links to Gale. Nilasa Hume, a local factory worker with a history of criminal activity, died today in unclear circumstances at the Danorian Consulate. The deceased apparently leapt from a 4th floor window of the Danorian Consulate building in order to escape from security forces after stealing a number of precious metals and art, which in and of itself wasn’t peculiar. What provides the potential link to Gale was that the woman reportedly “flew” 40 feet beyond the building where she was impaled on the Consulate fence.

FT3 has been following up on leads after investigating the scene. The body of the deceased is currently with Parity Lake police pending an autopsy at the request of FT3.



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