Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

Internal Report - High Profile Thefts


Internal Report
Agent Nun Ya
Royal Homeland Constabulary

FT3 was successful in the recovery of the goods stolen from various VIPs over the last few weeks, however they reported that the thief, a Pixie in the employ of reputed crime boss Lorcan Kell, was killed during the operation. This reporter did not have eyes on the encounter, as I lost track of FT3 in the Cloudwood, however apparently the damage done to the thief was such that the body was destroyed.

Something is a little odd about their reports on the subject, and while this agent did track certain agents to the waterfront where travel plans were made for unknown parties, this agent was unable to deduce the details. The ship captain apparently has a close relationship with Agent Calliope, and was unwilling to discuss the matter.

Every reported stolen item was recovered, so this agent does not suggest further inquiry into the matter.

Case closed.



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