Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

FT3 Report - Session 6.

NOTE: Anyone is welcome to edit for clarity or simply to provide missing information. I took some liberties on some of these items, noting my opinion of some character responses. If I have it wrong, just edit as you see fit.

1. Party intercepted Wand Smugglers, recovered contraband, turned over ship, smuggler captain, confiscated wands, gold, and bank backed notes that were to be used in payment for the wands.

2. Party met with Gale, where some in the group might now be conflicted as to their loyalties regarding their actions and what is really best for Risur. Gale confirmed her relationship with Nilasa Hume, and admitted that Nilasa was after paperwork proving the Danorian involvement in a conspiracy that threatened the entirety of Risur. Gale saw evidence of this conspiracy in the Bleak Gate, where something is being manufactured – something of great scale. Gale has no ability to return to the Bleak Gate, and would very much like the party to obtain the proof that Nilasa obtained and was apparently murdered for. Gale provided a ritual for tracking bleak gate energies and the Messenger Wind used for communicating. FT3 did not fully report their conversation with Gale, nor did they report the Messenger Wind item. In addition – there was a conversation between Gale and Strontium regarding the wishes of the Unseen Court.

3. Party walked into a setup arranged by Lorcan Kell, who turned over information for the doctor after putting the party in a bad position and forcing them to capitulate to a 1000 gold bribe. Gonzo lost his sword, and is none too happy about it. The party was also forced to stand and watch a docker citizen get robbed, beaten, and murdered. Calliope can be none too happy about her helplessness while watching this.

4. The party met Morgan Cippiano – who was charmed by – and perhaps charmed – Miss Calliope. A bargain was struck to exchange information from Morgan on the dragonborn arsonists in return for the release of a “cousin” of his – the smuggler captain arrested on the docks by FT3.

5. Using directions from Lorcan Kell, FT3 located the doctor in an abandoned temple dug into the side of Cauldron Hill – which was secured by Lorcan’s goons until the party paid for his release. Lorcan failed to mention that he also sold the information of the Doctor’s location to a third party, who ambushed the party and the doctor in an effort to abscond with the doctor and the stolen Danorian paperwork. The party managed to force the ambushers into a retreat, but refused to turn over the paperwork after they were trapped inside the abandoned temple. The unknown group of conspirators led by a Leone Quital – who apparently has telekenitic control over metal – set off explosives outside the temple, trapping the party in what was presumably to be their permanent grave. Luckily, the temple was not completely destroyed, and eventually the party managed to find a secret exit. As they managed to worm their way out of the secret refuse filled exit, they found that Gale was about and was working to secure a team to dig the party out. Whether her actions to rescue the party were out of true concern for FT3s well being, or she was simply looking to secure an asset, is unknown. The party also discovered the body of Xenophon Galsunda, manager of the Navras Opera House. Xeno and Calliope had been close friends and collaborators for several years – her anguish at losing her mentor was obvious to all.



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