Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

FT3 Report - Session 5

FT3 begins this report with a sense of victory, for great challenges were overcome and breaks in the surprisingly wide ranging case of Nilasa Hume’s murder are beginning to appear.

First, we successfully protected the old skyseer Nevard from an attack of Cauldron Hill spirits prompted by a shadowy figure apparently intent on our demise. It was a narrow battle, where more than one party member was nearly killed during the encounter. Due to the strength of our arms, and the wits behind our tactics, we were victorious. Further investigation into the shadowy figure that prompted the attack is warranted.

While potentially deadly, the encounter atop Cauldron Hill was necessary in order to secure a meeting with the terrorist Gale. Nevard has kept his bargain, and mediated our planned meeting with Gale 3 days hence. We believe Nilasa Hume had a relationship with the terrorist Gale, based upon the below evidence. We expect Gale will take precautions to avoid her capture, however we will bring the terrorist to justice if possible.

  1. A potential link between the victim’s 40 foot flight out the consulate window and Gale’s reported ability to fly.
  2. The victim’s adopted father confirmed that Nilasa spoke with the old skyseer Nevard regarding her desire to meet with Gale.
  3. Nevard confirmed that he introduced Gale and Nilasa Hume.

After a mix up at Mayor MacBannin’s estate regarding proper authority for our foray to the top of Cauldron Hill, we rushed to Heward’s factory based upon a fiery vision Nevard reportedly received while atop the Hill. Arriving on the scene, we interrupted 4 Humans and their 2 Dragonborn leaders in an attempted arson. Dispatching the humans, and still not fully recovered from our foray on Cauldron Hill, we were overcome by the remaining Dragonborn. Thanks to the quick thinking of factory guards, and the newest member of FT3 making a well reasoned retreat, 3 members of FT3 were saved from exsanguination. We have made note of the Dragonborn that escaped us, and are prepared to meet with RHC sketch artists for posting bounties. It is believed that the Dragonborn are behind the rash of fires in various factories and steel mills around Parity Lake over the last year. Their motives remain unclear.

After a much needed rest, FT3 had to move quickly. From the captured gnomish alchemist, we learned the smugglers expected departure time and location, and departed on the Death Minnow to intercept them. After a brief struggle, where the newest member of FT3 fell unconscious yet AGAIN, we secured the site and smuggler ship. We intend to pose as the buyers, and move to meet the Crissilyr vessel bringing in the contraband.

The surviving buyer of the expected contraband, named Deorne Feldman, was turned over to dock police, and is to charged with assault on RHC agents with deadly intent, conspiracy, smuggling illegal weaponry, tax evasion, and resisting arrest.

As of this dispatch, we are setting sail on the captured ship Sylvo to intercept the smugglers. We carry with us 50,000 gold coins and 100,000 gold in bank securities from an independent banking family in the Malice Lands.



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