Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

FT3 Report - Session 4

• Goodson’s Estuarial Reformatory (Upper Flint Bay)
o interviewed Ford Sorghume
 Nila was working with someone known as The House Elf
 They were assisting “the Family”, an organized crime syndicate from Crisillyir, to smuggle 10,000+ gp worth of contraband magic wands into Flint
 The deal was scheduled go down on the night of the 4th of Summer somewhere in the Bay.
o Interviewed Travis Starter
 Corroborated Ford’s story
o FT3 arranged for the release of Ford and Travis in return for their assistance in helping us investigate the death of Nilasa.
o Ford and Travis agreed to be Confidential Informants for FT3 and provide us with information about criminal activities in Parity Lake.
 FT3 needs to register them as CI’s with RHC at some future date.
• The Road to the Henge (the Cloudwood)
o Intervened in an altercation between the woodsmen brigands and Lorcan Kell’s thugs
 The leader of the woodsmen brigands was named Renald (druid).
 Lorcan Kell’s men had kidnapped Renald’s wife in an attempt to extort a share of his “tax” on road traffic.
 In return for our assistance Renald pointed us toward the Henge where Nevard Sechim could be found.
• The Henge ( the Cloudwood)
o Interviewed Nevard Sechim
 Nevard reported that he last spoke with Nilasa 2 weeks ago.
 Nevard arranged for Nilasa to meet with Gale, a notorious fey sympathizer and terrorist
 Nevard was not present at the meeting.
 Nevard did not tell Nilasa about the prophesy.
 Nevard agreed to set up a meeting between FT3 and Gale in return for a favor
• He asked that FT3 petition the Mayor of the Nettles, Reed McBannon, to allow him to journey to the summit of Cauldron Hill
• Nevard explained that he wished to have one last unobstructed view of the night sky before he dies, and Cauldron Hill is the only vantage point that is above the smog layer of Flint.
• Nevard’s age makes him very frail and thus physically unable to make the journey to the summit of Caudron Hill without the aid of a special ritual
o The ritual is an old and dark magic crafted by the witches that used to make their home on the hill.
o The ritual will link the health of FT3 with that of Nevard and allow him to draw upon our vitality for the journey.
• Cauldron Hill (the Nettles)
o Requested and received an audience with Reed McBannon, the mayor of the Nettles
 The mayor was receptive to the Skyseer’s request with in certain conditions
 He will provide us with the following protections
• rusted iron amulets to protect against spirit voices
• 4 kegs of goat blood to ring our camp
• avoid open visible flames
• Have to stop at the manor the following morning for a purification ritual
o Also met a courier named Reed at the Mayor’s manor. He was admiring the chaos of the Nettles.
• House Elf’s Shoppe (Pine Island)
o Attempted to question House Elf about his association with Nilasa.
o The House Elf and his Wife, Danisca fled
o Gonzo & Calliope gave chase.
o The House Elf was slain while resisting arrest
o Confiscated items were handed over to the RHC
o Danisca was taken into custody and transported back to RHC HQ for further questioning.
 Danisca and her husband were helping Nilasa smuggle illegal wands into Flint
 Smuggled items coming into Flint on Crisillyiran ship Ligrafioni
 The exchange is supposed to happen at the rocky outcrop in The Ayres on the 4th at 7PM
 She confirmed that “the Family” is involved
 Nilasa was to be on a ship named the Sylvo.
• Captained by the smuggler named Deorn Feldman
 Gale was to receive some of the wands
 Nilasa was also doing additional work for Gale, but Danisca didn’t know what it was.
• Rooms above a Butcher Shoppe (Central District)
o Interviewed Professor Lynn Kindleton
 Received a letter from Recklenhousen stating that he was being chased and requested 100gp be left in envelope at the university for him
 She left the money as requested and it was picked up this morning.
 She reported receiving a visit from a man who identified himself as Officer Porter.



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