Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

FT3 Report - Session 3

Denorian Consulate (North Shore)
o Alfred Belastair
 Flint Police first on scene
o Julian Le’brix
 Chief of consulate security, former military (maybe 3rd yerasol war vet)
 claimed to have shot the deceased in the leg then shoulder before she jumped
through the window
o Nilasa Hume
 dating security guard Braden
 accused of stealing gold, silverware, ornamental egg
 worked and lived at Heward Sechem’s Alkahest and Etchings factory
 shot from behind

  • once in shoulder
  • once in leg
     Had two puncture wounds to the abdomen (from iron fence)
     Had healed scalp wound (necrotic & healing magic detected)
     Brought food to consulate on regular basis and was friendly and well liked
  • On day of her death she brought Brigandeero Chocolates laced with a
    euphoric drug (possibly Fey Pepper)
  • Chocolates had Thinking Man’s Tavern (Bosum Strand) seal on them
     Found bail certificate in her pocket
  • Obtained criminal file from Parity Lake Police Station (Parity Lake)
  • Two accomplices were named in the police report were remanded to
    Goodson’s Estuarial

Reformatory (Upper Flint Bay)
 Ford Sorghume
 Travis Starter
o Braden
 Boyfriend of the deceased
 dated Nilasa for 5 weeks
 Met Nilasa at Thinking Man’s Tavern
o Tia Jedaux
 secretary at consulate
 Handles visas and passports
 Was working on a visa to Ber for a Dr. Wolfgang von Recklinghousen at the time of the death
 Wolfgang left after the death
 Got copy of his visa application
 Address: House of Bluebirds (youth hostel)
 Reference 1: Professor Kindleton (Central District)
 Reference 2: Dr. Camp (North Shore)
o Auntie Popo
 Maid on way to work
 Eye Witness to death of Nilasa
• Heard deceased crash through window followed by two gun shots
• Saw deceased fly 40 feet and fall onto iron spike fence
o John Johanson
 Young messenger (yearly 20s)
 Did not witness deceased fall
 Stated that Nilasa was still alive after being impailed
 Witnessed man fitting the description of Wolfgang von Recklenhousen approach Nilassa.
• She whispered to the subject and handed him some papers before passing out (possibly dead)
• He then removed a necklace from her neck and fled the scene.
 Johanson reported that Nilasa also had a slash wound to her head and a bloodied face
• FT3 did not see the reported wound.
• Wound may have been healed post mortem

House of Bluebirds Youth Hostel (North Shore)
o Interviewed Hostel proprietor
 She reported that Dr WvR came to the Hostel shortly after the incident at the Consulate covered in blood.
• Dr WvR claimed that he needed his surgical kit for an emergency procedure and went up to his room.
• He left again, but she did not see him leave.
 Not long after Dr WvR left a man impersonating a Flint police officer arrived at the hostel.
• He claiomed his name was Officer Porter of the Flint Police
• He paid her 200gp for access to Dr WvR’s room
• He searched the room and then left
 20 minutes later FT3 arrived on the scene
• FT3 observed that the Dr WvR’s room had been ransacked
• Most of Dr WvR’s personal effects were not present in the room. Presumably they were taken by the doctor when he fled.

Dr Camp’s Surgical Center (North Shore)
o Interviewed Dr Camp
 Learned that Dr WvR practiced medicine at this location
 Dr WvR was a trained surgeon with magical skillz
 Dr Camp also hypothesized that the hallucinogen in the chocolates may have been Fey Pepper.

Heward Sechem’s Alkahest and Etchings Factory (Parity Lake)
o Interviewed Heward Sechem
 Factory owner, and “adoptive father” of Nilasa
 Saw Nilasa earlier that morning
 Heward’s uncle is the venerable sky seer, Nevard Sechem
• Nevard warned him that Nilasa would die
o “An adopted daughter will blindly ride the wind to her demise”
• Uncle Nevard lives in The CloudWood
 Heward stated that Nilasa recieved a necklace with a canary motif 2-3 weeks ago.
 The two accomplices from the Nilasa’s police report were childhood friends
 Heward reported that three men have approached him multiple times about selling his factory. They all smelt like burnt grease.
• Heward had them followed to The Nettles.
o Possible connection to Lorchan Kell, crime boss.
 Heward Sechim felt somewhat responsible for getting Nilasa riled up about the treatment of workers in Flint.
• Heward admitted to speaking his mind perhaps a bit much to a young girl who might have wanted to take action – “you know how young people are”, he said
• He knows that Nilasa wanted to do something, and Nilasa knew that Nevard might know how to contact Gale, and it is possible that Nilasa reached out to Nevard for introductions.
• Heward said we might want to talk with Nevard. He provided directions to the henge in the Cloudwood where a number of Nevard Sechim’s followers took him to live out his remaining days.



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