Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

Axis Island - Mission Success

Internal Report
Agent Nun Ya
Royal Homeland Constabulary

A potential fifth Yerasol war has been averted, thanks to the Risuri Marines and RHC’s FT3. While final casualty reports are pending from the Risuri Marines, FT3 lost a team member during efforts to secure Duchess Shale. Apparently the deceased gnome’s corpse, known as Buck, experienced traumatic damage that resulted in significant bloating, as the sack (yes, sack) they carried him in was unusually large for a gnome.

The Unseen Court had sent an ambassador to ensure that it was clear they had no part in the treasonous actions of Duchess Shale. In typical Fey logic, this meant that the ambassador was the famous (and to some, infamous) Asrabey Varal, who achieved his mission of slaying the Duchess. This agent will not speculate on the intended Fey message, or how the message was received.

Upon the successful liberation of Axis Island, the Risuri Marines quickly departed from the Danor island. Captain Rutger Smith, R.N.S. Impossible, stayed behind to provide FT3 time to sign the official paperwork that removed any potential claim Risur had over Axis Island, officially ceding ownership to Danor. It was noted that, while this agent was not able to hear the details of the exchange, the Danorian Minister of Outsiders was displeased about something FT3 told her. Perhaps the exchange was regarding the missing Tiefling, Nathan Jierre. No futher information is available at this time.



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